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Tequila Bottle

Tequila! Yes, the picture above is alcohol. No, I am not an alcoholic. Tequila is a type of Mezcal made from blue agave and can be found in specific regions of Mexico. 


Tequila is not only a drink that many Latinos enjoy, but it is also considered a remedy for many families. If you have a sore throat or have symptoms of a cold, tequila may come in handy. Just taking one shot can help relieve that sore throat! This remedy is recommended only for those over the age 21.  


Another use of mezcal is when you have a fever or chills. You rub the alcohol on your chest, back, and palm of your feet. Usually, after you put it on your body you try to keep yourself warm by wrapping yourself in a blanket and you cannot shower the day after you put it on because then it will not get rid of the chills or fever. 


Besides having this knowledge, many Latinos might use tequila if they do not have easy access to medicine. Sometimes they do not have access to medicine due to their location, other times it is due to financial reasons.

By Quisi R. Oregel

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