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Logan Museum of Anthropology Online Exhibitions

Beloit College is located on the ancestral territory of Indigenous peoples, and we respectfully acknowledge the Potawatomi, Peoria, Miami, Meskwaki, and Ho-Chunk people who have stewarded this land. We are settlers on this land and we recognize that colonialism is an ongoing process that must be disrupted. Museums, and in particular anthropology museums, are complicit in constructing and perpetuating inequalities, erasures, injustices, dispossession, and misrepresentations that continue to oppress and marginalize Indigenous peoples. 

Online Exhibitions

What Does Food Mean to You?
What Does Food Mean to You?
"Nothing Servile": Native Resistance
Framing Land: U.S. Colonial Postcards of the Philippines
Objects of Migration: Objects of Inspiration
Queering Gender and Sexuality
Black Resistance and Persistence
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Logan Museum of Anthropology


Nicolette B. Meister


James E. Lockwood Jr. Director, Logan Museum of Anthropology
Faculty Director, Center for Collections Care 

Instructor, Museum Studies

Manuel Ferreira


Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Logan Museum of Anthropology

Instructor, Museum Studies

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