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El Paso Cowboy Boots

United States

El Paso Cowboy Boots 

Made in Texas purchased in Kentucky

Black authentic leather boots, size 8 (US), pointed toe, and a 1-inch heel.

The significance of these boots connects to the Bisht (Syria) because they are custom made for the individual and are designed to the wearer's specifications.


Cowboy boots are a common cultural signifier in the United States, particularly in rural areas, and are commonly worn during farm or ranch work. Similar to the Syrian robe, the migration of my boots to college also represents an inclination to carry particular cultural or personal objects as a way to stay connected to one's home.


I purchased these boots in the Spring of 2019, as a reminder of home and the upbringing I had left behind. Wearing the boots helps to quell feelings of homesickness and give me a sense of security connected to narratives of perseverance, survival, and pride.

By Sarah Grissom

Student Objects

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