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Onyx Cross Necklace

Spain - United States

Onyx Cross Necklace

The bisht from the museum collection could have been valuable for the Syrian wearing it. It reminded me of the value I have for my own onyx cross necklace.


This handcrafted cross is made of black onyx stone and is attached to a black thread made into a necklace by an iron lobster clasp. The crossbar’s sides are not perfectly even and there are some chips on the stone’s surface.


This onyx necklace is a gift I received from my parents right before embarking on my first flight to the United States in 2016. The value of this necklace, as well as its meaning has helped me in many ways face moments of uncertainty and vulnerability during my travels, integration, and any difficult moments. The symbol of the cross is linked to my faith and it gives me hope and security. Onyx is just a part of my identity and reminds me to stay true to myself.


Finally, the necklace is always going to be a memory from my parents whom I owe everything to. When I need it, I can connect with my faith, identity, and family by squeezing the onyx cross with my hand.

By Onix Roige-Diez

Student Objects

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