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Perils of Persistence and Resistance 

Content Warning: The following section includes visuals of lynchings


From lynchings to police brutality; this section captures the perils of resisting and persisting for justice.

We ask viewers to consider:


  1. How do you think it felt to “prove” worth and “American-ness” under duress?

  2. Within the context of the current global pandemic, how do you think about your worth? Value? Support system? Survival?

  3. In the face of devastation, how does America support you? What would you do without that support? 

  4. How could/would you have survived and rebuilt after any of these massacres? Using what social/political tools?

  5. What do these massacres mean for thinking about the value of hard work?

Decentering Whiteness was curated by:

Lisa Anderson-Levy

Atiera Coleman

Kelly Leahy

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