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Colored Kippah


Colored Kippah

This black and blue knitted kippah is one example of the customary clothing items found in the Jewish community. It acts as a sign of respect towards God, and is worn when studying the Torah, entering or praying in a synagogue, and during certain religious ceremonies, holidays, and funerals. Kippahs can also vary in colors, sizes, and fabrics which allows customization for events!


I acquired this kippah at my relative’s bar-mitzvah in 2010. Since then, it has been my go-to kippah for all Jewish events. Although I do not regularly practice Judaism, I am a proud member of the Jewish community and it is my duty to respect my identity and heritage. 


Part of this respect stems from the historical oppression and exclusion of the Jewish community. From persecution in ancient times to the outright genocide targeting Jews during World War Two, the Jewish population as been forced to migrate throughout history, often facing death as punishment. One of the ways for Jewish people to continue practicing their faith is through their clothing, which is why the kippah means so much to the community and to me.

By Ben Orr

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