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Teddy Bear "Bi"

Vietnam - Beloit, Wisconsin

Teddy Bear "Bi"

As I was inspired by our discourse revolving around the essential objects immigrants bring, I immediately thought of Bi. Bi is a nineteen-year-old ivory teddy bear. He was a gift from my aunt on my one-year birthday. Spending most of my toddler age snuggling with this soft teddy bear, I naturally grow fond of him as a sibling and a friend. 


Bi accompanies me wherever I go, including my study abroad journey to the United States. On the 23-hour flight back and forth from Vietnam to my second home, Beloit, never once have I forgotten to pack Bi with me. He is small, but a fantastic cuddle buddy, who comforted me when loneliness and homesickness hit hard, especially my first year away from home. 

COVID-19 has made this period the longest time I’ve not visited home. One year and three months and counting... It is reassuring to have “someone” - who is close to my heart - to always be there. In those trying moments, turning to my support system includes those who talk (all the precious friends I have) and those who silently listen (Bi), help me process my thoughts, pick myself up and keep moving.

By Lan Vy Mai

Student Objects

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