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Sprite and Vicks VapoRub


Sprite and VapoRub

“Mija, ¿estás enferma? ¡Pues ponte Vicks y bebe un esprite!”

“Daughter, are you sick? Well just put on some Vicks and drink a sprite!”


Sprite, a popular carbonated soft drink, and Vicks VapoRub, a strong-smelling ointment, are some of the most essential items in a Mexican household.


These two items are essential due to the inaccessibility and expense of medication and health insurance. For many poor families, one might have to be near death in order for it to be acceptable to be admitted to the hospital. Considering both items cost around $7 in total, they go a long way and can save thousands of dollars/pesos.


According to many Mexican mothers, Sprite and VapoRub can 'cure' everything. Rub a bit of VapoRub on feet, neck, wrists, and nose, and you will feel ten times better than before. Children who have been raised on bubbly, fizzy Sprite and strong scented ointment joke about how their moms believe it works. It is a ‘cure-all’ that can overcame any cold or illness. It always seems to work.

By Karen Soto

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