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Bag with Pom Poms



Bag with Pom Poms

Guatemala, 1970s

Logan Museum of Anthropology

This object is a small square bag from Guatemala. Since it has been altered, there is no way to know how many changes have been made to the bag since its original creation and use. The bag is crocheted in multicolored triangles, stripes, and checkers. There are four tassels, two on each edge of the bag, and the straps have 7 colorful stripes. The strap is attached to both ends of the bag, with one end tying around a loop, making it adjustable. Inside, the bag has blue floral cotton lining. At some point, a previous owner made multiple alterations to the object, one of which was adding a zipper at the opening of the bag. 


Though the exact origins of this object are unknown, bags similar to this have been found in Guatemala and may have been either carried, or left behind by Guatemalan migrants. There is no evidence to support whether or not this particular bag was used in migration, but the size and style of the bag suggest that it was more likely to have had an everyday use. With that being said, this item may have been left behind, as it would not hold much use for travel, especially if migrating long distances. 

By Lucy Abrams, Evangeline McFarlin, and Superior Murphy

Student Objects

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