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Brown, Leather One-Strap Purse

This bag is a brown, leather one strap purse. It is a dark brown bag with brass hardware. It clasps in the front, but when opened it has two pockets, one big and one thin for storing items. Although this bag looks slightly plain, it has some wear and tear along the bottom edges where the bag has rubbed up against material from when it has been used. 


The bag was given to me at a young age, before I had any use for bags. So, it stayed unused in my closet for at least 8 years, except for the occasional game of dress up. Around the age of 18, I began using it for any casual outing to store my wallet, phone, cough drops, Chapstick and sometimes a snack. The front pocket still has some white staining from a leftover Hershey’s Kiss chocolate that had stayed in there longer than it should have. However, the bag was never taken for any trip longer than a day as it was not big enough to hold anything substantial, and was not secure enough for travel.

By Lucy Abrams

Student Objects

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