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King James Bible

United States

King James Bible

This is a King James version Bible and is covered in a royal blue, textured fake leather. Imprinted on the far right-hand corner, in gold lettering, is my name, “Superior Murphy.” The pages are very thin and fragile, similar to the feeling of tissue paper. Each page has a thin line of gold around its rim. 


I received this Bible for my tenth birthday. I tried my very best to read it, but often lost to my ten year old attention span. Over the years I pick it up to try to engage with the text and its meaning. Religion has always been a grounding force, however, more so for moral stability rather than the actual practice of religion. I have moved around multiple places and have kept up with it  seemingly well.


I would like to think if I had to migrate for some reason this Bible gifted to me by my parents would be among the items I would bring along in my bag. 

By Superior Murphy 

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