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Knee Pad

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My mother introduced me to yoga at the age of six as something we could do together, and since then it's been a focal point in my life when it comes to the constant struggle of wrangling my brain and balancing my body. I love experiencing the playfulness that comes with moving your body with joy in a group, knowing that everyone else looks just as silly as you and doesn't care. This knee pad used to be my mother's, but when I found my yoga community in high school and practiced daily, it became mine. 


I think about the community that forms around the game of chinlone, the lack of competition, and the awareness it requires to play well and be supportive of the other players. The game is familial, and children learn from adults from a young age until they can hold their own. These threads parallel my experiences in yoga groups being mentored by my mother and other grown-ups, and the love we all carry for the practice and for one another.


By Grace Law

Knee Pad

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