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Running Shoes

United States

The chinlone ball brought back memories of my days playing on a sports team. Much like chinlone, running is a sport anyone can do, with men, women, and children participating in the same event. While the shoes themselves may not be passed on generationally, the love of running is something that is.


They remind me of a community I have been a part of since I was ten years old. Every time I put on my running shoes I remember all the teammates I have had who have run with me and loved the sport just as much. I remember the coaches who inspired me and pushed me to my limits. I remember the stories of my mother’s track days, the love of the same sport transcending generations.


Running has taught me perseverance and instilled in me the knowledge that if you want something the only way to get it is to work for it. The shoes represent all the miles I have run and the community I became a part of when I did.


By Caro Quintero

Running Shoes

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