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Philippines - United States


Hair has been a symbol of beauty and power for women; we see this in America as well as in the Philippines. Combs serve multiple purposes from hygiene to beauty; both are important aspects of human identity. Though it is not clear if these combs were used as jewelry, there is a history of combs being used as part of their hair accessory. 


The Philippines has a long history of colonization from the Spanish (1521-1898) and the United States (1899-1946). Both countries influenced many aspects of Philippine culture, including local beauty standards. For example, the standard for hair evolved for a preference to be long and straight. Hair requires a lot of upkeep, especially when one’s hair falls outside of these beauty standards. 


Many Filipino migrants enter the United States every year, many of us never consider what we would take with us and what we would leave behind. We often forget the everyday details of migrants’ lives, but grooming remains an essential part of life.

By Deanna Corrow, Julia Hwang, Leo Rivera, and Kaitlyn Tomasin


Philippines, Date Unknown

Logan Museum of Anthropology

Student Objects

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