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Gold Rose Ring

United States


Gold Rose Ring

This gold ring has been in my family for over 3 generations. It has been passed down and shares so much sentimental value. It shows unity between generations and for future generations to come. To my family this ring symbolizes the love that we share. Some have worn it while others haven't, but it means the world to us.


I feel honored to be able to hold this ring because it makes me feel beautiful, trusting and powerful. It makes me feel beautiful because it is small with an intricate rose. It makes me feel trusted because I am holding onto a ring that has been passed down and a part of our family for so many years.


The best feeling this ring brings is that of feeling powerful because of the women I look up to in my family; the women who built something for themselves. They’ve created which they continue to flourish. This ring gives me all these feelings because it has been worn or possessed by women who are strong, beautiful and hold such loving hearts.

By Kaitlyn Tomasin

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