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My Mother's Hexagon Earrings

South Korea - Paraguay - United States


Hexagon Earrings

My mother believes in superstitions, not because of fear, but for precaution. Her house follows the rules of feng shui and my mother will collect anything that may have a sign of luck, especially hexagonal jewelry.


The earrings were bought at a subway station in Korea 20 years ago. It has travelled across 3 continents and is with me wherever I go. I do not believe in these superstitions but growing up with these words attached to my mother’s mouth, I can’t help but to wish that luck will follow along. These earrings help me feel confident and indestructible to face the world. Every time I wear these I wonder if I feel like this because of luck itself or if my confidence is the source of my luck.


At the end of the day, I won’t refuse something that will help me through the day and bring me a little more luck than before.

By Julia Hwang

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