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Scorpion Ring

Mexico - United States


Scorpion Ring

This gold ring I have, shaped like a scorpion, was given to me by my mother. It was given to her by my paternal grandmother. It originally belonged to my great-grandmother, who passed away before I was born. My mom and great-grandmother are both Scorpios, so my grandma passed on the ring for that reason. Unfortunately, the ring never fit my mom, so when I was old enough that it might fit, she gave it to me (even though I’m a Virgo).


I never knew my great-grandmother, but I know that my grandma and my dad loved her very much, and that they see parts of her in me. My great-grandmother left Mexico when my grandmother was a pre-teen and spent several years in the States establishing a solid base that would allow for a smoother transition when her husband and kids followed.


There’s a tiny hole in the body of the scorpion, and it seems fitting, as, according to my dad, the loss of his grandmother caused much of his Mexican family to disperse, and left a hole in their lives that remains to this day.

By Léo Rivera

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